What's my mission?  To give you and the world a spiral galaxy-sized gallery and art store that offers paintings and drawings depicting a wide variety of instrumentalists and musicians.  No instrument is too obscure for me.  I believe instruments like the saxtuba, couesnophone, odrecillo, and bulbul tarang should be pulled from the shadows and brought to you in full color. 

TeePublic merchandise is available here.

You may have seen my musicians on an Art-o-mat block, 
and I'd love to hear which one you bought!  

​I am also the creator of The Dizygotic Tarot Deck,
The Skeleternity Tarot Deck, as well as the
The Solaster & Calidorum Divination Decks, available here.  

Who am I?  I am based in Los Angeles and love to see my art 
headed in all directions!   Born to a Welsh father and Canary Islander mother, but raised in California, I've been influenced and inspired by various cultures.  

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